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Bad Lights

What Are "Good" Lights and Where Can I Buy Them?


This page illustrates the difference between poorly shielded, light-polluting luminaires and well-shielded fixtures that direct light downward, where it's needed. Remember that well-designed lights cost the same as poorly designed units. At the bottom of the page is a list of sources for sky-friendly light fixtures



Examples of "Bad" Lights vs. "Good"


These two pictures compare lantern-type luminaires with fully exposed/unshielded bulbs vs. bulbs that are recessed in the top of the fixture, hence, shine light downward. 




The left-hand image below compares a standard "sag"-type streetlight with a full-cutoff fixture. The center image is a modestly priced full-cutoff security light from Lowe's. On the right are a variety of other full-cutoff fixtures available through local home improvement centers and the internet, including through the sources listed below.




The next three images contrast a street lined with traditional, blinding "glare-bomb" lights with two parking lots lit by well-aimed full-cutoff fixtures. In the latter photos, note the relative absence of glare and contribution to skyglow. Also note that relatively little light trespasses beyond the edges of these lots. 






Types, Manufacturers, and Placement of Well-Shielded Lighting


This list is by no means exhaustive! See also the Links page.

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